Doug Mitchell's free music download page

All of this was arranged, performed, and produced by DM.

All songs written by DM except where otherwise noted.

File Formats:

          MP3 : Plays anywhere, including right here on this page.

          WAV : CD quality, uncompressed. Plays anywhere.

          ALAC: Apple Lossless Compression. CD quality, about half the file size of WAV.

          FLAC: 24 bit, either 88.2 or 96 KHz, lossless compression. This is the full resolution

          at which all of this music was originally recorded. Generally requires specialized

          hardware and/or software to play.

Current Songs

Song For Warren: Jan 2021. All guitar parts on Stratocaster; remainder programmed.

Big Toys From Winnetka: Dec. 2020. Guitars: Stratocaster in first half; D'Angelico on remainder; Jazz Bass; all others programmed.

Early and Often: Oct-Nov. 2020. Guitars: Stratocaster on rhythm in first part; D'Angelico on ryhthm in middle; PRS on lead remainder. All others programmed.

Emerald: July-Sep. 2020. Lead guitar on Guild; rhythm guitar on D'Angelico; remainder is programmed

Shakedown: May-June 2020. Stratocaster and Fender Jazz Bass; remainder is programmed.

Circum Spectra: May 2020. This consists entirely of programmed virtual instruments - Oud, Santoor, Sitar, Tabla, Dumbek, and Baritone Violin.

Latitude Adjustment: March-April 2020. Lead guitar on Stratocaster; rhythm guitar on D'Angelico; remainder is programmed.

Two Pongs and a Write: Feb. 2020. 6 guitar parts, one on Stratocaster and the remainder on D'Angelico; Jazz Bass; programmed percussion.